The Pandemic shows no signs of lifting or if we look at it from a different perspective, it is creating a new norm. This is leading business owners and organizations to look at operations in a different way and Robots are very much the centre of this.

It wasn’t long ago that many feared Robots would take over jobs within organizations and regarded them very much as the threat to humanities way of life.  Whilst we can never underestimate the importance that a human touch has to every experience, we are living in times where in almost every organization, this has become impossible. With social distancing for customers and staff, businesses are facing the very real threat of failure if they cannot adapt and adapt quickly.

Companies are already expanding the way they use Robots from Robot automation in factories to UV Robots for cleaning and disinfecting key areas.  Robots in Walmart for example are being used to scrub floors, whilst Robots in South Korea are already being used to take Human temperatures and distribute sanitizer.

Restaurants are employing the use of delivery Robots to deliver food to Customers and take plates and glasses back to the kitchen. This not only reduces human contact but adds to the Customers overall experience.

McDonalds are also testing Robot Cooks to solve the issue of social distancing amongst staff and in warehouses operated by Amazon, Robots are already used to improve efficiency.

Although we all know things have to improve, experts warn that social distancing measures will be in place for quite some time and at least through the whole of 2021.  Robots are proving to not only be at the center of solving social distancing issues but they are also exposing how humans and Robots can and will work together to make a more efficient work place in the future.