UVrobots are a type of robot that uses ultraviolet (UV) light to interact with objects and materials. They are often used to inspect and clean objects or surfaces in industrial settings. UVrobots have many advantages over other types of robots, such as their ability to penetrate deep into materials and low energy requirements.

What is UV cleaning and disinfection?

The ultraviolet (UV) light that is created by the sun is a natural source of light that has been used to clean for many years. It has been used for decades to reduce the spread of bacteria through ultraviolet radiation and is now actively being used to reduce the spread of airborne viruses through UVC radiation as well.

Using UV robots for disinfection is the future of disinfection and may even become a necessity in the future.

UV disinfection robot models

UVCLight Disinfection Robots

In addition to UV cleaning devices, Prospera Health and Hospitality Services offer three self-driving robots that can be used for UV cleaning purposes:

  • UV Guardian: This automated UV disinfection system protects your guests and employees from UV rays. It can work independently and returns to the charging station when done.
  • RoverUV: With the help of intelligent sensors, RoverUV can detect obstacles while disinfecting safely. In addition to disinfecting large spaces and multiple areas, the robot will automatically return to its charging station when it reaches the end of the day.
  • Sani Bot: Using a combination of ultrasonic spray and short wave UVC light, the Sani Bot UVC + Atomizer Spray Disinfection Robot sterilizes air and surfaces.
  • There are many features included in Dust-E, including vacuuming, mopping, and UV disinfection all at once. The Dust-E is capable of thoroughly cleaning a wide range of spaces efficiently, whether they are large or small.

Alternative UV disinfection equipment

In a one minute session, UVC devices eliminate 99.9% of pathogens and 99.99% of pathogens after a two minute session, making it a quick and easy way to disinfect equipment and devices.

We offer a variety of UV disinfection equipment, including the self-driving UV Guardian, RoverUV and Sani Bot, as well as alternative UV disinfection equipment for chemical-free cleaning solutions, including:

  • Air purifiers
  • Lockers
  • PPE Protection Kits
  • Bedside Clocks
  • Payment Terminal Mounts

Cleaning and Hygiene Guidelines: An Ongoing Solution

We have UV robots that are designed to clean large areas at a faster speed than humans and are designed to do it in less time. In general, as a result of this, fewer harmful chemicals are used and cleaning staff are able to focus on tasks that require more detail and concentration.

UVC Trolly is a perfect example of a robot that can be used to support the cleaning efforts of housekeepers or cleaners by taking on part of their workload while also reducing their exposure to harsh chemicals, and thus reducing their workload. 

You can be sure that the robot will never run into anything or anyone due to the smart-sensing technology built into it. In addition to destroying bacteria and viruses, ultraviolet lamps are not harmful to humans or animals, making them safe to use in environments where guests and staff may be present.

How Much Does A UVC Robot Cost?

There are a number of options when it comes to the cost cost of a UVC/Cleaning robot. Currently we have models to buy from just £19,549 + vat. These are manufactured in the UK and are supplied with a 2 year manufacturers warranty together with 24/7 support.

Or if you were interested in the hire they are available from as little as £65+vat per day.