UVC Trolley

UVC Cleaning Solution. 99.99% Disinfection Rate for Bacteria, Germs, Viruses and Pathogens.


Manufactured and designed in the UK.

Our Robust design have been developed for a more mobile friendly use for easier transport and ease of use and are built to last.

Just £2149.00

Benefits and Features

  • Immediate integration into your disinfection process
  • Automatic detection of correct disinfection time,
    depending on room size
  • Remotely operated via tablet and smart app
  • The most reliable option on themarket
  • 75W x 8 UV Bulbs
  • 240V
  • Remote Control App controlled
  • Alert Lights for Usage Status
  • 360 Degree Cleaning
  • Size: 171cm x 40cm x 40cm

Usage Applications

  • Schools
  • Meeting Rooms
  • Fitness Rooms
  • Hospitals
  • Cafe’s
  • Gymnasiums
  • Office Environments (after hours, or vacany rooms
  • Restaurants
  • Hotels

Disinfection rate of 99%

Current methods of cleaning can be only 50% effective, however with the UVC Disinfection which can reach all exposed surfaces it can eliminate bacteria exposed up to 99.99%.

360 Degree Disinfection

Coverage a full 360 degree’s and able to roam around within the environment the UVC Trollet disinfects with no smells, stains or left over marks.

Easy Use in all Environments

Using the simple Remote Control App the UVC Trolley can be manoeuvred into position easily. For around a 5m x 5m room and disinfection time is ~10 minutes.

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