Why Robots Are Ideal for UVC Disinfection, UVC Robot.

The fast-moving advancements of technology are incredible, with Artificial Intelligence (AI) and robotics leading the field. UVC Robots, in particular, are now being used in various industries to enhance efficiency and productivity and replace human labour for tedious and repetitive tasks. Industries like manufacturing, assembly and packing, transport, earth and space exploration, surgery, weaponry, laboratory research, hospitality, and mass production of consumer and industrial goods see significant benefits of working with robots. In addition, robotics also benefit the healthcare sector, which is currently at the centre of the ongoing global Covid-19 pandemic. When it comes to cleaning and disinfecting, robotics aren’t only capable of replacing humans, they can also do a better, more thorough job, ensuring enhanced hygiene and safety.

Robotics in healthcare have a multitude of uses and provide several benefits, including:

Improved Patient Safety

Unfortunately, hospitals are often the source of infections and each year, thousands of patients die due to infections acquired during hospitalisation, generating significant human loss and financial implications. Robots offer a solution to this growing problem by delivering fast, chemical-free, hospital-grade disinfection for healthcare, as well as offices, hotels, airports, cruise ships, shopping malls, residential spaces, and more through fully autonomous systems without any human interaction. They can clean and disinfect patient rooms, corridors and larger areas.

Enhanced Cleaning Routines

Regular cleaning in hospitals should aim to prevent and reduce the spread of infectious diseases, viruses, bacteria, and other harmful organic micro-organisms in the environment by breaking down their DNA structure. Robots can do that in a safe, reliable manner without human error. They are designed to be user-friendly and can be operated by everyday cleaning staff.


Protection For Your Employees and Business

As we’ve witnessed in the past two years, infection and outbreak control are significant and increasing problems globally. Infections and outbreaks lead to states of crisis, sick leaves and generate a massive financial burden. By using robots to conduct disinfection in businesses of all sizes, spaces are cleaned more efficiently and thoroughly, keeping employees and businesses protected.

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has led to an awareness of how essential it is to create and maintain a healthy environment. Hygiene plays an increasingly significant role in our lives, whether germ-reduced packaging, germ- and virus-reduced surfaces, or even virus-reduced air in rooms. Due to lockdown and social contact restrictions, many companies are looking for suitable alternatives to human cleaning personnel to combat germs, bacteria and viruses. These alternatives should be not only effective against SARS CoV-2 but also other harmful micro-organisms and pathogens (e.g. influenza viruses). Since robotics are already being used for disinfecting hospitals and other spaces, they show significant promise for a cleaner and safer future for us all.