There is much concern for businesses as they prepare to reopen after being closed for some time due to Codid-19, establishments such as Restaurants, hotels and Gyms have many rules and regulations to adhere to.

They need to do this to ensure the safety of both staff and guests but it’s also paramount that they are following rules to ensure guests and customers are confident that the places they are going to visit are safe for them.

As well as social distancing rules for staff, there will be restrictions on how many people are permitted in Pools at Gyms,  how many people are permitted in Gyms and on equipment and also how many people will be permitted to dine in a restaurant at any one time.

  • Whilst cleaning regulations will be strict, business owners are looking for more ways to ensure cleaning is at its best and staff can remain at a safe distance from other staff members.
  • Business owners are looking for more innovative ways to clean and ensure their premises are safe and the UVC disinfectant Robot has become incredibly popular for this reason.

The UVC Robot is portable, has a full room mapping system and can be used in multiple rooms throughout establishments. Once the room map has been completed, it can be saved for future use.

Scientists have long since known that UVC is capable of killing harmful bacteria and microorganisms and it does this by altering or destroying the DNA and RNA of the microorganism.

UV Light is successful in killing a wide spectrum of harmful bacteria and viruses and for that reason is now being used in establishments to effectively clean to ensure safety for both staff and guests as businesses once again prepare to reopen and get back to some semblance of normality.