As the fight against the Coronavirus continues, everyone is taking special measures to ensure that not only public places are clean and sterilized but that we are all protected as we go about our everyday lives. This has meant there is a shortage of PPE equipment for the most vulnerable, most notably nursing and care staff.

UV Light is Natures disinfection and is being widely used in the fight against Coronavirus. Disinfectant Robots are being used commonly and widely in Hospitals and public places such as Care Homes, Buses and Doctors Surgeries.

Viruses don’t reproduce on their own but they have Genetic material which is either RNA  or DNA.   UV Light itself can be very dangerous and if you have ever experienced Sunburn, you will understand how painful this can be as well as understanding it can damage DNA.  UV Light works by scrambling the DNA  sequence and if the sequence is no longer correct, the DNA cannot replicate.  The UV Light used to kill viruses works in much the same way by removing their ability to reproduce.

Hospitals are now using UV Robots in the fight against Coronavirus in a bid to kill viruses and microbes effectively whilst maintaining a safer environment for care staff to work. Studies on other Coronaviruses such as SARS or MERS have proven that UV light could inactivate the viruses and although no specific studies have been carried out on Covid-19 because of time constraints, experts believe there is every reason to believe that UV Robots will have similar success in fighting Covid-19.

Research continues on how UV Light can be used in the fight against viruses and bacteria and it is expected that soon we will be able to imagine a World where UV Decontamination Chambers in places such as Airports and Hospitals will be common place.