UVC has been around for a long time and scientists have long since known the effectiveness of UVC at breaking down the DNA structure in Bacteria and Viruses eliminating the spread of very harmful microorganisms.

Many establishments and businesses are now seriously considering the use of UV Robots as part of the cleaning regimes to not only ensure premises are cleaned and sanitized effectively but also to increase confidence amongst both staff and Customers.

UVC Robots are incredibly safe to use and many businesses including Gym’s, Care homes, Doctors Surgeries and Hospitals are employing their services.  The Robots depending on what model you purchase or hire are equipped with motion sensors and can distinguish between humans and objects which further prevents damage to human health.

UV Robots safety features are one of the most important parts of the Robot to ensure they are safe to be used and businesses have confidence in them.

Many of the UV Robots on the market will also give extensive reports on cleaning progress, many of these reports are flexibly designed to meet Companies needs and helps greatly reduce time. 

The robots are also equipped with safety buttons which will immediately interrupt the Robots use and disinfection. Many are also equipped with voice alarms which will notify you when cleaning is in progress within certain designated areas.

Many of the Robots have a maximum disinfection area without charging and most UV Robots will charge within 3-4 hours. Most Robots will work in semiautomatic mode eliminating human error, they will also create digital maps and automatically perform scheduled disinfection whilst mapping out unsensitized areas.

Many businesses are organizations are not only finding they are saving time but their cleaning regimes are more cost effective and time reduced. They are also giving much needed confidence to customers and staff.