UV Robots being used to kill harm bacteria/virus including Covid

Scientists are continually on the hunt for new methods to kill and stop the spread of infectious diseases. As the fight against Covid-19 continues, new methods of disinfecting hospitals and other public places are being used.

Research teams have known for some time that using continuous low doses of far Ultraviolet C (far-UVC) can kill airborne Flu Viruses and recent research has proven that using UVC is particularly efficient in helping to eradicate SARS.

Disinfectant Robots are now in high demand in the fight against Coronavirus Covid-19 and are being used in Countries worldwide in Hospitals, Care Homes, Airports, Schools and Doctor’s practices to not only eradicate harmful microbes but to speed the cleaning process. While manual cleaning is effective for eradicating most harmful Microbes, it is still not as effective as using UVC Disinfectant Robots which can clean quickly and highly effectively.

Scientists have known for decades that broad spectrum UVC light is highly effective in killing harmful Microbes and pathogens and it does this by destroying the Molecular bonds that hold their DNA together.  Wavelengths of 254nm are particularly effective at rendering organisms sterile and the wavelengths are very damaging to the Cells as they are absorbed by the Proteins RNA and DNA.

A study on the H1N1 virus showed using low doses of UVC in a test chamber effectively inactivated the Flu Viruses.  The study has demonstrated that using low doses of UVC can be very effective in lowering and reducing the spread of not just Covid-19 but other harmful Microbes.  UV Cleaning Robots manage this very successfully, safely and are now being used in many Public places.

As the Fight against Covid-19 continues around the world and strict measures are in place in many Countries, the use of Disinfectant Robots is rising and it is estimated they will be used in most Public places as a way of effectively reducing the rate of infection over the next 12 months.