As we all look forward to the journey back to a new normal, businesses and establishments such as Restaurants, Hotels, schools and many other establishments are thinking ahead on the best solutions for opening their premises and providing peace of mind for both customers and staff.

Robots are fast becoming part of the solution when it comes to social distancing measures and ensuring premises are as clean as they possibly can be.  Sales of Robots have been increasing steadily for the last five years but recent price decreases including more necessity within the market mean we are seeing increased sales of Robots across many sectors.

Industrial Robots are fast becoming a solution within factories to solve the issue of social distancing but to also manage and reduce dangerous and monotonous tasks, increasing revenue at the same time.

Service Robots such as Amy Waitress have seen increased popularity in the hospitality industries in both hotels and restaurants.  In hotel environments, service Robots are being used in front of house, delivering luggage to rooms and providing information to guests. Amy Waitress is having great success delivering drinks and taking orders and enhancing the customer experience at the same time.

UVC Robots have seen a particular rise in sales as many establishments aim to offer an additional solution to conventional cleaning within their establishments.  

Although conventional cleaning is paramount and often sufficient, we now know not only do we need additional solutions but we need to ensure we are doing all we can to keep areas completely sanitized offering much needed confidence to both staff and customers.

Other products including the UVC Trolley are also finding their own niche within the market. The UVC Trolley much the same as the UVC Robot uses Ultraviolet light to clean and sanitize specific areas.

The UVC Trolley is particularly useful in smaller and more specific spaces.  The Robot can be remotely operated via tablet and smart App and includes automatic detection of correct disinfection time.