If the pandemic has highlighted anything, it’s the advantages of Robots across all sectors and industries, rather than having the opinion that Robots are going to replace Humans, we now have a much more healthy outlook of Robots working alongside Humans in Many Industries.  This is evident in the hospitality sector where many restaurants are employing the services of service robots to deliver food, take orders and interact with customers on a daily basis.

One Robot that has seen sales soar over the last 12 months is UVC Robots used in many establishments such as hospitals, Care homes, Supermarkets, shopping centres and Military bases to add an extra layer of cleaning on top of conventional cleaning.

UVC Robots come in many different shapes, sizes and forms and depending on the manufacturer you purchase from, many of them can vary in their ability and effectiveness. One other product that has more recently come onto the market is the UVC Trolley.

The UVC Trolley is considered an important tool in fighting the spread of viruses, bacteria and other micro-organisms. Minimizing the risk is absolute key because we know that COVID-19 can live on many surfaces for at least 3 days if not longer.

  • There are many key features and benefits of the UVC Trolley and they are particularly useful and popular within hospital settings.
  • They can immediately be integrated into your existing disinfection processes, can be remotely operated via tablet and smart app, 360 degree cleaning, alert lights for usage status and automatic detection of correct disinfection time.

When UVC is combined with indoor air filtration, it is known to virtually eliminate airborne microbes, even antibacterial-resistant ones.  This makes this type of cleaning crucial in settings where there is a high risk of both infection and contamination such as schools and hospitals.