UVC has been around for a long time and scientists have long since known its capabilities in destroying harmful Bacteria and viruses.  Robots are now in use that can efficiently disinfect using UV light, slowing down the Coronavirus infection rate.

Many larger organizations such as hospitals, Care homes, businesses, Shopping Centres and Airports are now employing the use if UV Robots in the fight against Coronavirus going forward.

UV works by shredding the DNA or RNA of any microorganisms stopping them from reproducing and multiplying and coming into contact where they can be spread. The Robots are able to disinfect pretty much any surface extremely effectively and each autonomous Robot will omit a powerful short wavelength of ultraviolet C (UVC) Lights.

The UV Robots rely on simultaneous localization and mapping (slam) to navigate and they operate completely on their own.  The Robots will start from their charging stations and follow the course of the room which has been previously mapped, they do this without any human intervention, they will then return to their charging station until in operation again.

Each room typically takes between 10-15 minutes to disinfect depending on its size and it will spend a couple of minutes in five or six different positions within the room to ensure maximum disinfection on all surfaces.

The Robots UV array will emit 20 joules per square meter per second (at a one meter distance) at 254 nanometer light which will greatly effect 99.99 per cent of germs in just a few minutes.

The UV Robots are proving to be indispensable in the fight against Coronavirus especially in Hospitals where the risk of infection is so great but they are also being used widely in many other public places to not only increase the effectiveness of cleaning but also to give much needed confidence to both staff members and customers.