UVC and Coronavirus

Proper sanitisation and cleanliness to prevent COVID-19 is a severe concern for hospitals, medical practices, public resources and more. While manual cleaning can provide a high level of prevention, there’s still room for error. Investing in UVC disinfection is the best way to ensure the highest standards of prevention, ensuring your surfaces and areas are entirely virus-free.

How does UVC work?

UVC works to kill microorganisms, such as fungi, viruses and bacteria, through a specific light wavelength. The power of UV is in its ability to destroy the proteins within these microorganisms, rendering them entirely harmless. The concept of UVC isn’t new for many medical, lab and hospital settings, where high-end UVC technology is already used in concentrated form for sanitising tools and materials. Our technology aims to bring UVC to more extensive areas than small, contained spaces, providing higher levels of protection for all.

How Robots are the Ideal Solution

While handheld UVC technology and manually controlled technology is already out there on the market, UVC robots offer a higher degree of cleanliness. By avoiding cross-contamination and providing consistent, high-quality UV output, you can ensure surfaces and spaces are correctly sanitised time and time again – no room for human error. Choosing robot hire can ensure you protect the people working for you as well as the general public, wherever you choose to use our UVC robot tech.

Where can UVC robots be used?

UVC robots can be used for a wide range of applications. From public transport to hospitals and medical clinics, offices and workplaces to administrative spaces. Because of their more comprehensive range of use, and greater flexibility, UVC robots are the ideal solution for businesses, organisations and services of all shapes and sizes, providing that exceptional standard of protection that’s needed to keep COVID-19 at bay.

The Helios

Automated control and air circulation functionality make this robot the ideal option for reducing cross-contamination while providing high standards of cleanliness.

Combat Coronavirus head-on with robot hire


For powerful UVC disinfection that’s high-end, reliable and consistent, robot hire is the ideal choice. Our range of purpose-built UVC robots are created to combat viruses and bacteria swiftly and without exception, ensuring the safety of the people in your care – whether it’s employees, the public or at-risk patients. Get in touch with us today to discuss our UV robot hire solutions.

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• RoHS Certified and Tested

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