It has already been established that Covid-19 is  extremely robust and can survive room temperature on a multitude of surfaces including stainless steel, banknotes, paper and tiles for 28 days. It can survive much longer than the Flu virus highlighting the very important need for regular and thorough cleaning.

Studies have been conducted measuring the survival rates of the novel coronavirus on different surfaces at temperatures of 20, 30, and 40 degree’s.  The study was conducted in the dark and found that the virus survived for 17 days, the new strain of Coronavirus is much more resilient than the Flu.

We know that that Covid-19 is spread through droplets when people sneeze or talk but studies have found the prevalence of the spread by touching contaminated surfaces.  Although contaminated surfaces are a less common route of transmission, surfaces are sites which can and will spread the Virus if touched.

Many of the studies were conducted in the dark but we are aware that UV kills the virus and this has led to the recent upsurge in sales of the UV Robot, also commonly referred to as the Disinfectant Robot.  Many Companies making and manufacturing these Robots have seen massive increase in sales worldwide as many organizations are employing the use of the Robots to thoroughly disinfect hot spots within buildings.

UV Works by breaking sown the DNA or RNA of the virus by creating lesions, this damages the DNA and RNA and they are no longer able to replicate. This effectively kills and inactivates the Microorganisms and virus’s.

Many Hospitals, Care Homes, Army bases and Restaurants are thinking ahead and not only employing the use of UV Robots to thoroughly clean and disinfect but to also instil confidence in their employees and Customers who frequent their building.

We know the virus and the many changes that come along with it are going to be around for some time and adopting innovative ways of maintaining cleanliness is on the top of the list for many business owners as they work towards returning to some semblance of normality in the future.