Scientists have known the benefits of using UV Light in the war against Bacteria and viruses for some time. The recent pandemic has seen a sharp rise in the use of UV Robots to clean and sanitise many establishments including Hospitals, Care Homes, Hotels and Airports.

UV Light works by reducing the spread of infectious diseases, these include Bacterial, Viruses and other harmful Microorganisms.  It works by breaking down the DNA structure of the bacteria and Viruses, damaging them and stopping them from multiplying.

UV Light is very damaging to bacteria and viruses because due to its high frequency that scrambles and effectively damages their nuclear material.  The UV light will damage the DNA or RNA code of the Pathogens, it will also interrupt and cause lethal mutations which prevents them from reproducing successfully.

There have been many studies conducted on the effectiveness of UV Light on Bacteria and viruses, experts also know through studies conducted that UV Light works well against many of the Coronavirus families including SARS.

The added benefits of using UV Robots instead of conventional cleaning are many,  including speed,  reliability and reporting of each room cleaned, lack of Chemicals which can be difficult especially in Hospital settings.

UV Light emitting Robots are excellent at Zap operating rooms making cleaning and sanitizing more efficient and quicker.  There are many specialized Companies selling and hiring UV Disinfection Robots and all have seen an increased demand as many places such as Airports and Shopping malls once again prepare to reopen.

The Robots are being shipped worldwide as the fight against the pandemic continues and it is estimated that they will become a permanent fixture in many establishments as an effective way to not only clean but fight any further contamination as things slowly move back to normal.