Before the Pandemic was even thought of, the range of technology innovations we had at our finger tips was endless but for many sectors especially the Hotel Industry, these innovations were not taken advantage of.  Checking in to a Hotel has been much the same for years and stepping into a Lobby often felt like taking a step back in time.

The job of entering your Hotel room seems to be a decade old experience and despite the launch of virtual Key technology in 2014, entering a room was still performed using a key card.

  • Since the Pandemic took us all unawares, occupancy rates in Hotels fell dramatically. In the US alone, Hotels have already lost more than 46 Billion in room revenue.  
  • The Hotel Sector is now more aware than ever of the importance of adopting Customer-Centric and technology leveraged approaches.  Industries such as
  • Healthcare and Automotive are already way ahead in their approaches and if the Hotel Sector are to survive, they too need to adopt new ways of working.

It has certainly been a difficult time for the Industry as a whole and whilst Customers expect change and disruption, as Hotels once again open and welcome new Guests, they also have to be acutely aware that Customers now have a higher expectation for Customer experience.

Many Hotels including InterContinental Hotel Group and best western are adopting the stay safe Campaign which will help facilitate everything from how to conduct a contactless check in to new cleaning standards and protocols.

Hospitals, Care Homes and many other larger establishments are already employing new and more advanced cleaning methods. Suppliers of  UV Robots are already reporting increased sales since earlier in the year of their UV Cleaning and disinfectant Robots which provide better cleaning standards and instill consistent confidence in both staff and Customers.

We are very much living in changing times and those changes already made are likely to be around for some time to come.  There has never been a right time for Businesses especially those in the Hospitality Industry to embrace the technology we have at our fingertips.