Disinfectant Robots are being sourced across the world as we continue the fight against Covid-19 and as we continue our social distancing measures, the Disinfectant Robots are becoming more in demand.

Recent studies have proven UVC Disinfectant Robots have success in killing many of the other coronaviruses and it has been particularly effective in the fight against SARS.  The Robots are now in high demand in settings such as hospitals and are being used to kill harmful Bacteria and viruses as well as providing effective and quick cleaning.

The Robots move autonomously around the room ensuring they cover all critical surfaces with the right amount of Ultraviolet light in order to effectively kill Viruses and Bacteria which are harmful. 

  • Whilst the Robots are not being seen as a replacement for Human cleaning, they are working along -side Humans to speed up the cleaning process and ensure the control as we continue to fight the pandemic.
  • The UV Light works by destroying the DNA structure of harmful viruses and microorganisms, with a wavelength of 222-254 nanometers the Robots will destroy bacteria on any surface.
  • The robots will work in a semiautomatic mode eliminating Human error, they can also be digitally mapped automatically performing scheduled disinfection.
  • All Robots are manufactured and programmed with safety in mind and all have an alerting and reporting system.

As we continue our fight against Covid-19 and the World continues to change to accommodate this fight, UVC Disinfectant Robots will be seen in more settings including care Homes and Airports as an effective way of reducing infection and speeding up the cleaning process.