How Covid-19 Is Proving The Need For Social Robots. - UVC Light

Robot innovation is just one of the ways mentioned in an open letter by the global contingent of Robotics experts. They suggest that the recent pandemic should serve as a catalyst for the development and increased use of Robots.

The recent pandemic is also driving more recent research into how Robots can be used in the fight against infectious diseases.  A recent statement published in the Science Robotics magazine March 25th talks about inspiring more research into cleaning Robots so that we can not only continue to fight the current pandemic but also be ready for any future incidents.

There are already UV Cleaning Robots on the market and since the recent pandemic, sales for these robots have increased dramatically.  We already know Ultraviolet Light has shown to be effective in reducing contamination and for this reason, we are seeing increased usage of these Robots in many places including Hospitals, care homes and Airports. The data the Robots can collect is also proving invaluable for record keeping and organisation in hospitals especially.

We know that Ultraviolet Light is harmful to humans but scientists claim large and small autonomous and remote controlled Robots could be used to locate and sterilise numerous surfaces with ultraviolet light.  This will not only improve cleaning standards but will save time and increase safety.

Robots are also being considered for automatic temperature taking, automated camera systems used together with thermal sensors and vison algorithms on autonomously or remote controlled robots could also be used to take Patients temperatures in hospitals.  

Robots could also be used to take Nasal swabs reducing human contact and reducing infection numbers, tracking peoples movement for contact tracing and drawing blood to check for antibodies, Autonomous drones to deliver medicines and social Robots to reduce loneliness are also being considered, social Robots would provide social stimulation and be able to interact.

Much more funding and research is needed in how we can utilise Robots and be better prepared in the future.