It’s been a tough time for many businesses especially in the hospitality Industry, with Restaurants, shops and many other establishments opening up again, there is still much to be done to stay safe and to instill confidence in both customers and staff.

Gyms are now open,  although many of them have restricted opening times, they are operational never the less. There are many restrictions in place from a limited number of people allowed in the Gym at any one time to ensuring equipment is cleaned and sanitization takes place after each use.

  • One of the main obstacles that Gym’s face in the current crisis is instilling confidence within their members and in actual fact, many members are still reluctant to return to their memberships at this current time.   
  • The fear is very real for many and they have not yet got the confidence they need to believe that Gyms and other establishments are safe enough to visit.
  • There are things that all businesses can do, especially Gyms to ensure they can remain operational and have successful membership rates by instilling confidence in their members that all precautions are being taken and even when the Gyms are closed, cleaning and sanitization are a priority.

Many establishments are turning to UV Robots as both a solution to instil confidence but also as a reliable method of cleaning when premises are closed. Many Restaurants, Gyms, Hospitals and Care homes are employing the use if disinfectant Robots either through hiring or purchasing.  Although premises are cleaning, sanitizing and ensuring equipment is thoroughly cleaned after each use, they are also going one step further and using UV Robots once members have left and the premises are empty.

The ability if UV to destroy many bacteria and viruses is well known and now in this current crisis, it is of most importance to have a reliable and regular method of cleaning and for this reason, latest sales of UV Robots have increased dramatically.