Scientists have realized the benefits of UVC and its ability to kill harmful microorganisms such as Bacteria and viruses and due to the recent pandemic UVC Disinfectant Robots have become in high demand.

It is really important to understand how UVC works and choosing the right type of UVC to use requires research. There are two UVC Disinfection options available, UVC LED’s and Mercury lamps.  These two options vary in light intensity, application requirements and running costs.

Whilst LED’s and lamps generally have a similar output, it doesn’t necessarily mean they are both efficient.  When deciding which UVC lamp to use, wattage isn’t always the best indicator of a lamps efficiency and will not accurately portray its output.

One of the advantages of LED’s is the composition of its semiconductor, this allows the user to get a specific and accurate light output.  An optimum wavelength of 265nm is necessary for disinfection, this would mean that 14 LED lights would be needed for effective sanitation. 

Whilst cylindrical lamps are acceptable, it’s is considered that flat LED’s are more space efficient, they can also be arranged to cover specific areas and on surfaces. Their ability to cover specific surface areas means fewer LED lights are needed.

UVC Robots also differ in their energy efficiency, lamps typically have a warm up time and it can take several minutes for the lamps to reach peak output.  Generally LED’s have a much faster warm up time and reach their optimum power much quicker.

Lights will need to be replaced and this has to be considered, each time the lamps are turned off and on, some power will be lost.  If the UVC robot is used several times in one day, lamps will usually need to be replaced more often.

The costs of UVC LED’s have dropped considerably over the last couple of years and this is the reason many Companies are opting for LED products to build and make more efficient systems.

It is also considered easier to control the light emitted from a UVC LED than it is from a lamp.  It is also easier to control the light emitted from a UVC LED compared to a lamp which omits the need for expensive reflective material to redirect the UV rays to target areas.

UVC Disinfection Robots using both LED’s and Lamps efficiently sanitise but LED’s offer more in the way of efficiency and longevity.