Coronavirus & UVC

Deploying UV light to fight coronavirus – Ultraviolet light has a record of success in reducing the presence of viruses, bacteria and other microorganisms that are a threat to human health by stopping them from performing essential cellular functions. As the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic intensifies, germicidal UV lamps can provide the UV disinfection coronavirus is susceptible to, helping reduce and stabilise the spread.

We supply several types of UV-C disinfection lamps


UV-C Germicidal Hand Lamp

This powerful, handheld lamp is ideal for swiftly disinfecting surfaces and equipment with a high UV-C output of 254nm.


UV-C Germicidal Units (fixed mount)

These units are designed to disinfect surfaces and air in empty rooms, usually overnight.


UV-C Decontamination Trolley

This mobile UV-C unit can be deployed in different rooms, as required, thanks to its portable nature. The coverage diameter exceeds 2.5m and takes effect in approximately 10 minutes. The unit is operated via tablet.

The susceptibility of coronaviruses to UV light has been demonstrated in information published by A number of studies are cited which demonstrate how coronaviruses are inactivated when exposed to varying degrees of ultraviolet light.

The D90 value range (the UV dose required for 90% inactivation) for coronaviruses is 7-241 J/m2, with a mean of 67 J/m2. This indicates the vulnerability of the SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) virus, enabling us to calculate the times required for our UV lamps to achieve a specific log reduction at varying distances from the UV light source.

Please note: UV-C causes acute harm to the eyes and skin, so operators must wear the provided UV face shield plus gloves and protective clothing.

UV-A light is safe for use, but you should be mindful of not exceeding exposure time limits for your skin and eyes. Torches include comprehensive health and safety guidance for usage.

For a UV torch to reliably reveal contamination of a surface, the following considerations are key:

Wavelength – Contamination will naturally fluoresce under UV-A light, but only at a precise wavelength (365nm), which must be adhered to.

Irradiance – Torches should have a high UV-A irradiance level. Having the wavelength spot on will not be enough if the irradiance power is not sufficient – at best, the results will be dull.

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