The Pandemic is far from over but things are moving, shops are opening and Gyms and Restaurants are preparing to open their doors shortly. Flights are increasing although there is a two week quarantine on arrival in many Countries, we are as a whole slowly making your way back to some kind of normality although things will be different for a while.

Hospitals are at the epicenter of the virus with many new cases still arriving each day and the way cleanliness has been managed has changed dramatically. Strict and regular cleaning is being carried out thoroughly within all Hospitals and Cleaning by the human hand is quickly being replaced by UVC Disinfectant Robots that can both clean quickly and more efficiently.

The Robots are particularly useful for disinfecting Operating theatres in preparation for normal service within hospitals to be resumed.

The UV Robots are also finding their way into many other establishments such as Airports, Shopping Malls,  Doctors surgeries, Shops, Restaurants and Care homes.  When each establishment finally re-opens, there will be many strict measures in place, social distancing will be very much in place for some time and cleaning and sanitization will be carried out more regularly and thoroughly.

Staff will also be reduced to meet the social distancing measures especially in Restaurants and this is where the UVC Robots can be of use.

Each Room within an establishment can be mapped so the Robot has a specific path to follow when cleaning, this mapping can then be saved in the robots memory so that it does not have to be completed again. The Robot will move around the room according to the mapping and clean the area thoroughly before turning off, the room will then be safe to enter.

Establishments very much want to get back to normal and all are having to think outside of the box, not only to ensure their premises are safe but to instil confidence within their customers that they are doing everything they can to ensure they are safe.