We all know that the virus is spread through droplets and contact with contaminated surfaces.  To not just adequately clean but to thoroughly and deep clean areas, a new solution is needed, whilst conventional cleaning will always have its place, we now need to look for more enhanced solutions.

Ultraviolet light has long since been known to kill viruses and bacteria especially those that commonly belong to the SARS family. Although no exact studies have been conducted on the effectiveness of killing the COVID virus, experts predict that UV is just as successful in breaking down the DNA and RNA of the COVID virus rendering it unable to reproduce and spread.

UV Robots have been around for some time and are now commonly seen in larger establishments such as hospitals and care homes but they are also being considered in other establishments such as schools, restaurants, offices and businesses.

Another important benefit of using the UV Robots is providing confidence,  not just for customers in establishments such as restaurants but also providing much needed confidence to staff. Many staff may not have been back into the office since the third lockdown in the UK and many are reluctant to do so.

Customers visiting banks, building societies and even supermarkets are also hugely reluctant to once again venture into socially busy areas for fear they may be exposed to the virus.

Whilst many establishments are making an excellent job of cleaning and demonstrating to customers and staff they are being thorough, there is only so much they can do that doesn’t use too many staff hours, taking them away from already important roles.

Many businesses and establishments are now using the services of UV Robots to clean their premises twice a day as well as using conventional cleaning. This is not only providing much needed confidence but is helping businesses establish a new norm as things begin to get back to normal.