It will come as no surprise to anyone that we will all be living in a very different world as things slowly get back to normal and we are all aware that we will be living in a new norm, not just for a while but possibly forever because things can never be the same.

The predict the way we shop, go to the bank and how we socialize will all be tainted with a very stark reminder of new rules and a new norm. As Restaurants and public places once again hold into the hope they can start getting back to normal come April 12th, they also know that it is a long road ahead and that they will have to do things very differently.

Social distancing measures will be in place for the foreseeable future and how business owners respond to this will make the difference on how they will succeed.

Robots are and will continue to play a huge role in this, not only to help control social distancing but maintain cleaning regimes providing much needed confidence to both staff and customers.

Robots will work across many sectors from front of house in establishments such as restaurants and hotels to behind the scenes which will include UVC Robots and Disinfectant Trolleys.   Although conventional cleaning will remain, Robot disinfection will be brought in as an additional cleaning method and will be something that will continue indefinitely as we progress.

Hotels and restaurants are already employing the use of service Robots to deliver food, wait on tables and interact with guests. Hotels are using Robots to greet staff, deliver luggage to rooms and provide much needed information.

This all limits human interaction and whilst some may say this is a sad indictment of our times, others will say that it is progress and a progress that will enhance both customers experience and staff opportunities.