Why use UVC Robots?

Robot UVC disinfects rooms and equipment with ultraviolet light, and shuts down when humans are around to keep them safe.

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The healthcare sector has been plagued by healthcare-associated infections (HAIs) that are becoming more and more prevalent.

It is estimated that millions of patients are infected with infections during hospitalization every year, resulting in thousands of deaths.

In addition, infection-related deaths are associated with massive economic losses.



As part of the regular cleaning cycle, the UVC robot is used to deactivate multidrug resistant organisms that are found in the environment as part of the environmental hygiene campaign.

Since the robot is safe and reliable, human error is eliminated. As well as that, it’s easy to use and is designed to be operated by any cleaning staff who uses it on a regular basis.

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To deliver innovative products to help the healthcare sector, UVCRobot’s philosophy centers around integrating proven UV-C germicidal industrial solutions with advanced robotic technologies.

This combination of technologies gives UVC Robot the ability to respond quickly to changing market conditions and provide a product that is most suitable for its customers.

Our solutions are built around a single platform: the UV-C robot. 




Transportation Hubs

Airport, railway station, bus station and subway stations

Consumer places

Hotel, dining hall, shopping malls and cinemas

Administrative Organisations

Prison, court rooms and traffic management bureau

Medical Institutions

Isolation ward, operating room and waiting areas


Offices, workshops, pharmaceutical factories and laboratories

Residential areas

Community service centers and Public Facilities


Disinfection and Steralisation Robot

Disinfecting Dance Studio

Disinfecting in the Gym